Factor Factor and the Chandeliers

Factor is – without question – the hardest working, most prolific producer in Canada today. There’s no taking it away from him. So far this year he has produced tracks for Myka 9, Moka Only, Ceschi, Isaiah Toothtaker, Sunspot Jonz, Sole, Noah23, Kay the Aquanaut, Mic King and more, as well as full length albums with Awol One and his project with Kirby Dominant, Paranoid Castle. All of these projects showcase Factor’s versatility as a producer as he effortlessly blurs the lines between Hip-Hop, Pop, Folk, R&B and Rock, while maintaining

Now with the new moniker for his solo work, Factor and the Chandeliers, he builds upon his already vast repertoire and creates his first sample-free fully instrumental EP. Working with session musicians, including long time collaborators bassist Enver Hampton and Canadian Pop Sensation Gregory Pepper – as well as natural field recordings – he experiments with a wide array of genres within just eight cohesive tracks. By taking this new step, creating more organically and collaborating with a variety of talented musicians, Factor hopes to progress his sound and his abilities as a producer.

It’s a far cry from a traditional Hip Hop record, or an instrumental Hip Hop record for that matter. Exploring facets of 80′s era R&B, Upbeat dance and Shoegaze, it elicits a range of emotions, all enveloped with a solid head-nodding groove. Although Factor’s distinct dusty breaks are still the driving force, the wide variety of original source material enables Factor to play the line between late night dance party and chill-out session.

Circle Into Square




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Paranoid Castle – Feeling Inside VIDEO

Feeling Inside

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Paranoid Castle – Orca

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